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"If there's possibilities for becoming so entrenched in our technology that we lose sight of what it really means to be human that's one of the things that I think we are going towards as a possibility...  There's always the danger when we, as a species, create something amazing and world altering that there's always the dark side.  I think the work I'm doing now is exploring more the dark side than the light side."

--Arturo Vidich, Feb 2009, WNYC


My new "crush": Arturo Vidich...  It's brand new, and sparked by my recent trip to Judson Church for Movement Research's usual Monday night performances.  There was only one of the four choreographies presented last Monday that I literally had no clue about what to expect - I had never seen this choreographer's work before, and did not really know anything about him.  However, his work, Infested Waters, turned out to be the one that stuck with me the whole way home. 

The duet, Arturo as the shark (with mohawked hair for a fin) and Aki Sasamoto as the bait fish, was reminiscently childlike, and I found it immensely creative and original.  Arturo's funny faces (my favorite was when his mouth was screwed in a crooked O!) were an essential, and hilarious, addition.  From watching the performance, my initial thought was that bait fish are those fish that follow sharks around to clean them.  However, upon further research (I guess I'm not the biologist I thought I was), bait fish in fact use sharks as a shield from their predators (and sharks are one of them!).  Sharks cannot easily attack the bait fish since they swim above the shark's back and are too fast for the shark to snag it in its mouth.  Interesting.  I'll let Infested Waters make its own impression on you without my opinions polluting the waters (no pun intended...).  Check out the clip from youtube that I have included at the bottom of this post.

Arturo is quite the artist - a dancer, a mask maker, a choreographer, a writer... Check out the second video at the bottom of this post of an interview on WNYC's youtube channel from February 2009.  Really great.

The third video below is a clip of his piece shown at Judson Church last year involving the use of jitter! Awesome.

Check out Arturo's blog by clicking HERE 

Read more about Arturo, his projects and Culture Push by clicking HERE

[*Look out for the awesome stop motion video he made of his mask making in won't be disappointed]

Infested Waters
shark: Arturo Vidich
bait fish: Aki Sasamoto
sound: Igal Nassima

Arturo Vidich was born and raised in New York City. Aside from the vocational training he’s had as a dreamer, Vidich has worked extensively in dance, video, objects and animal behavior, domestically and internationally. Vidich is pursuing a graduate degree at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU Tisch School of The Arts. He co-directs Culture Push, a non-profit art organization that brings together diverse professionals to share knowledge and resources. Through Culture Push, he directs a collaborative open-source residency, called Genesis Project, for artists who work or want to work with or through the body- the name of the game is horizontal exchange of process and practice. He is a 2008 Movement Research Artist-In-Residence. His performance work has been shown primarily at The Chocolate Factory in Long Island City, though he has kicked it in other NYC venues, in Europe, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

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