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Finding funding for a project is often the hardest part of doing it and tons of good ideas never come to fruition because the backers and the doers never find each other. Kudos to those who can self-finance their ideas, at least until the day the finished project is ready to be sold off/presented/displayed/etc. But everyone else?

I recently found out about KickStarter, which helps you find funders and also gives you a platform for potentially interested supporters to read about your project and pledge using KickStarter's system. If you raise your minimum the money gets deposited into your bank account when the project post expires and if you don't reach your minimum, you get nothing and no one gets charged. It also helps to make your project more interactive - by posting updates pledgers can follow your progress and by offering rewards (like prints from your photo project, mp3 dowloads from your music project, a copy of the book you're working on, etc.) supporters stay psyched till the end.   

Check out my project as well as many others on KickStarter and consider pledging, spreading the word or posting your own project.

this is a photo from my proposed project:

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