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The goal of urban planning is to improve the functionality of a city.  It is a goal that can be quantified, measured and accomplished to varying degrees.  People and freight will move more quickly, density will be higher or lesser, land values will go up, crime will go down, incomes rise and deaths descend.  This is a definition of urban success that has a somewhat circular quality, a self referential loop that defines a city by amounts and efficiencies.  The posts here instead look at an urban experience.  The Rock Garden of Chandigarh was built secretly and illegally, the man responsible was not prosecuted or jailed but encouraged and lauded.  This unplanned project in the biggest planned city in India has survived within the failed schema for a modern city that could only be envisioned but never achieved.  Wayne Thiebaud is the artist most famous for painting cakes.  I enjoy his lesser known views of cities that seem to capture everything urban is.  Finally, a series of videos of a type of public performance that could only have meaning in a city.  Between these three posts I hope I have not defined 'urban' but touched on something that is understood by anyone as 'city'.  This quality is hard to design, it's easier to build a bigger road.



Do Not Do This!  (The Rock Garden of Chandigarh)



Wayne Thiebaud: Visible Cities



Pranks In The City



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