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I am not going to lie, movies like this are my own personal brand of catnip. If there are gowns, schemes, or longing glances...than I will be seeing the movie. 'The Young Victoria' does not disappoint in these arenas. The film tells the story of the young monarch growing into herself under monumental pressure from all sides. It focuses on her young adulthood and primarily on her romance with Prince Albert, her soon to be husband and life long partner. The movie flags at times in terms of pace, but it is still sort of gorgeous to watch. Reminiscent of 'The Duchess,' this film is somewhat forgettable, but still totally worth it. Emily Blunt as Victoria is a strong lead, but the shine performance,for me, is that of Rupert Friend, who plays the all too tender Prince Albert. Rupert Friend might have the most perfect face...ever, and is a great romantic lead. If you missed Friend's performance in the otherwise all too skipable 'Cheri,' I would recommend sitting through it just for him. He is simply delightful. Written by Julian Fellows (Gosford Park, Vanity Fair), I recommend 'The Young Victoria' for its aesthetic perfections and romantic sincerity.

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