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posted on 12.21.09

Being a photographer, I find myself burdened by a looming guilt -an obligation to actively insight fresh conversation about other fine art photographers. There is such a lack of innovative artists in this category, and I'm finding it difficult to locate other curators or galleries that strongly support with out repeating what's been done and done again. 

Jen Beckman Gallery has a good thing going every season with their Hey, Hot Shot contest. However, in my experience I've only seen a very narrow aesthetic exhibited. What other galleries are actually tapping the vein? Michael Hoppen Gallery in London is one of them, Daniel Cooney, as well as Hasted Hunt in New York. Is that the best we have? I want to see the emerging Nick Knights of fine art. I want to see the artists that are really pushing the limitations of the medium, questioning technique, and capturing images that transcend the mundane and evoke emotion.



*image "Gaze, study number 15" by Desiree Dolron

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