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Don't Flee the Art Market! captures the mood that the New Museum's Generational show aimed for but often spoiled with overly topical pieces. The show, curated by Paulina Bebecka and featuring 300 affordable works by young artists, is fresh and funny. Almost all the pieces are light, even sunny in tone: a kaleidoscope of Busby Berkeley swimmers frolic on a TV set, while a tiny ship sails through a rusty pipe, under the blank gaze of a cut-paper sea captain. Humor does not detract from aesthetic quality, however: even a painting of disembodied dog's mouth is rendered with care. At relatively low prices, Don't Flee the Art Market! is also an ideal source of Chanukah presents. A button and zine table features the always droll mini-art books of James Prez, most for under $10!

Here's a link to the site with directions to the gallery:

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