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Rick Moody's "Twitter story" has begun.  For those unfamiliar with the work, Moody has composed 153 Tweets for the fantastic journal Electric Literature; the story will unravel in eight-hour installments – with one new Tweet every ten minutes – over the next three days.

It is a project the potential of which seems greatly undermined by the gimmicky essence of the medium: Moody is best at his most aphoristic, so the constraints of Twitter may provide a terrific editor of sorts for him; on the other hand, he may let the sheer novelty of the delivery of this story persuade him into the kind of fun but unremarkable cheekiness that has marred some of his more recent work.  It will be great to follow over the coming days – at the very least, Moody can be a terrific prose stylist –, ideally installment-by-installment.  I initially groaned upon hearing of the project, but it seems unlikely that Moody would have followed through on this had it only retained its novelty appeal; it will be interesting to see whether this will continue to be referred to as his "Twitter story" or if its intrinsic qualities garner it acceptance as "Some Contemporary Characters," its given title.

The story may be followed on Electric Literature's Twitter page here; please let us know how you find the story as it comes along!

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