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I was excited to see this film after loving ‘Paris je t’aime,’ an eclectic variety of short films about love in the city of love. ‘New York’ proves less romantic, and more unsettling and strange. Very few of these vignettes run too deep, and few of them make you think of love in any form. Shots of New York are obviously breathtaking, but the shorts seemed too filled with stars, everyone from Orlando Bloom to James Cann, and not meaning. The frameworks for the stories are shaky at best, and, unlike ‘Paris je t’aime,’ the various shorts attempt to overlap with each other, but they do so without finesse or subtlety. There were a few standouts, of course, the short directed by Natalie Portman shines with heart, telling the story of a father, and the complications of his relationship with his young daughter. This movie moves slowly and tries too hard to engage a sentiment that simply is not there in the writing. It has none of the innocence or the uniqueness of  ‘Paris je t’aime,’ but it is still well worth watching, if a star parade and gorgeous shots of the city are enough for you.


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