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If you revel in discovering new choreographers, and are more interested in process than product, then check out Movement Research at Judson Church.  Judson Church provides a low key environment for chill people to watch dance curated by Movement Research at 8pm many Mondays in the Fall and Spring.  These showings are FREE, and feature three short works by three different choreographers each performance.  Although the space itself is massive (and gorgeous), it manages to be an intimate (and unique) performance space.

Below are the upcoming performances for Fall 2009 - In bold are two artists who have previously shown work in MR at JC and I have included videos of these performances below...[ps...I was one of the many performers in Pavel Zustiak's piece, and let me just say it was such a cool project to be a part of...]


December 14
Meg Foley, Cornfield Dance, Yve Laris Cohen

January 4
Molly Lieber & Eleanor Smith, Tadashi Kato, Jillian Peña*

January 11
Karl Cronin**, Daria Fain**, Arturo Vidich**, and Pavel Zustiak**

January 25
Rebecca Lloyd-Jones, Kate Watson-Wallace, Jennie Mary Tai Liu

February 1
Launch Movement Experiment, Tina Croll, Katie Workum

February 8
Rachel Bernsen, Kristi Spessard, Dry Earth**

February 15
Jesse Phillips-Fein, Nohemi Montzerrat Contreras, Saul Ulerio

February 22
Abigail Levine, JungWoong Kim, Maggie Bennett*

  • * Movement Research Artist-In-Residence 2009

  • ** Movement Research Artist-In-Residence 2008


If you are a choreographer and interested in presenting work at Judson Church, find the application at:

About the videos:


Pavel Zustiak:

Untitled (work-in-progress)
Idea, Direction, Sound Design: Pavel Zuštiak
Assistant Directors: Gina Bashour, Lindsey Dietz Marchant
Performers: Gina Bashour, Lindsey Dietz Marchant, Marcos Duran, Logan Lipton, Emily Lahaie, Brittany Bailey, Roz Rita, Terry Hempfling, Meg Dalton, Irene Hsi, Jeremy Olson, Eric Conroe, Kensaku Shinohara, Deborah Ann Silver, Fran Sperling, Irene Ruiz-Riveros, Amy Baumgarten, Alice Chapman, Sarah Zitnay, Segolene Marchant, Mary Elizabeth Trasher, Liadain Speranza Herriott, Jessica Edkins, Alissa Horowitz, Silvia Ivanhova, Leslie Satin, Sarah Navarette, Amelia Uzategui Bonilla, Chia Ying, Jessica Jolly, Meredith Fages, Ariel Cohen, Kelly Buwalda, Hazuki Homma, Alex Gray, Katiushka, Cara Brooke, Frances Anderson, Carlos Cruz Velazquez, Alexandra Albrecht, Diane Tauser, Jennifer Shreburn, Michael Freeman, Jessica Kondrath, Ikegaki Maiko, Jesse Wintermute, Mica Rich, Tony Nilsson, Candace N. Walters, Perri Yaniv and more Thank you to all performers for your enthusiasm!
This project received support from the Movement Research Artist-in-Residence Program funded, in part, by the Leonard and Sophie


Karl Cronin:

A Courting Ritual (work-in-process) 
Three Useful Facts
1. Prairie plant roots help to decrease soil erosion
2. The dust bowl of the 1930s was caused in large part by the killing of natural grasses and farming without crop rotation
3. The only parts of the two trees we sourced that touched each other were the roots and the upper branches
Setting: Social gathering. Childress, TX. June 1, 1931. 
Sourcing Site: Japanese Pagoda Trees in Fort Greene Park (Brooklyn, NY)
Concept and Direction: Karl Cronin*
Research and Performance Team: Deborah Black and Bryan Campbell

This work was made possible, in part, through the Movement Research Artist-in-Residence Program, funded, in part, by the Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund, the Harkness Foundation for Dance, and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

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