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The New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF - or "nigh-semf") is an exceptionally well-run festival gearing up for it's second year. I was fortunate enough to have a piece programmed last year and can't wait to attend again this year. I have added some media to the NYCEMF page on A+C:


Sweep by Douglas Gears

Petrichor by yours truly

Absolute Zero by Daniel Swilley

Unknown piece by unknown composer I found on YouTube (contacted the poster to find out more...)

In Touch by Jane Rigler

Zellen-Linien by Hans Tutschku


These pieces were all presented at last year's festival. Note: my recording of Petrichor and the performance of Zellen-Linien are not from the festival. I have included them to show a bit more of what was on the program.


Also check out this cool video by Mike Hannon and Irene Buckley


And the great music of Monty Adkins.


The program from last year's festival, as well as information about the upcoming March 2010 festival are available on the NYCEMF website.


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