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The first time I saw "Caught" I was maybe about 11 years old, but its ingenuity and brilliance never cease to amaze me [I've seen it at least three times since].  The way the lights and the dancer's jumps are so perfectly in sync, we are confronted with the beauty of a human in flight.  Any audience member can relate to the soloist.  Who didn't wish they could fly when they were a kid [or at any time in their life for that matter]?  Defying gravity, sailing around the stage, the soloist is no longer confined to the small pool of light he continually finds himself in, and paces, while he is on the ground.  And although our rational minds reminds us, "he is just jumping in the air over and over again," we still believe our eyes.

ps, this piece is much better live onstage than in video

pps, it is also best when David Parsons is the dancer - it is a solo that really just fits him

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