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Renee Butler: Movement in B Flat
Screen, silk, mirror, wire triangles & circle, 2 video projections, sound and wooden armature


Recently, I found an interesting blog/academic site here. H C Gilje is a research fellow at the National Academy of the Arts in Bergen, and this project blog follows his 3-year term (ending 2009) at the academy.

In the blog (Conversations with Spaces) Gilje asks: “How can audiovisual tools be used to transform, create, expand, amplify and interpret physical spaces (sic)?”

He goes on to say in the Introduction: “The body is the link between the physical world and the mind. Audiovisual technology can be considered as extensions of our perceptual and conceptual apparatus…I want to explore and interact with the environment using audiovisual media, to create a poetics of everyday life.”

As an emerging sound artist, I find Gilje’s research to be very promising-it’s not exactly my specialty, but he is asking the right questions. Hopefully, once the fellowship is over, he will continue to work and develop his research in such a way that allows potential audience members/participants to further expand and explore his ideas.




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