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1. Reed and Rader: Fashion photographer duo, Pamela and Matthew, shoot edgy yet whimsical half-creatures pretending to be human. Their models are often interlaced with computer generated illustration to reflect their playful attitude towards robots, friendly monsters, and deep sea divers - a genuinely creative take on high fashion.

2. Clayton Cubitt: Explicitly sexual and usually offensive; enter Siege. Known to many for his intimate chronicling on for his excavations into the realm of sex, love, and politics. Generally his work pulls every trigger that good photography should, but what I'm really excited about is his fine art pieces that combines dirt, mold, and the degredation of time.

3. Edward Burtynsky: has a stunning exhibition currently on display at Hasted Hunt Kraeutler concisely dubbed, "Oil", cataloging simple yet profound imagery from inside refineries to the vehicles that consume this precious commodity.

4. Nikola Tamindzic: Nikola put himself on the map as being one of the few (if only) party photographer to consider aesthetics and actually push the limits of his camera. His photos are both rich with ambient color, and highlighted with concisely rendered figures. They appear to magically balance between seemingly planned and fearlessly free. Although, Tamindzic has been long over nightlife this was not before receiving international acclaim, recieving the Nightlife Photographer of the Year from The L Magazine, and Paper Magazine in 2008.  This has propelled him through personal explorations of fashion and portraiture.

5. Roger Ballen: 2009 was the release of Ballen's eighth book, Boarding House. Former New Yorker, now South African resident uses his simple yet profound surrounding to focus on his, "The art of Roger Ballen is impossible to forget. It goes deep. Gets at places we didn’t know were there. Maybe hoped weren't there. It makes us wild. It opens us up to those uncertain, shocking and frighteningly banal aspects of the waking dream, twitching between animal and human, the clean and the unclean, the animate and the inanimate, the lived and the imagined, the natural and the performed. " says Robert Cook

Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Western Australia.

6. Dan Estabrook: Tips his hat to an older sensibility by using nearly extinct processes that cherish the hallmarks of photo history, and even embraces it's imperfections.  Estabrook highlights forgotten techniques which has since been overlooked with the progression of technology. However, his work doesn't just rehash old methodology. He reinvents while creating something new and beautiful, that not only generates dialog around these new inventions, but reanalyzes the overlooked.

7. David Hochbaum: Not typically considered a photographer, Hochbaum is a mixed media artist through and through. He incorporates photographs with painting and occasionally other treasures, to create semi-surreal photo constructions. His work is ethereal and romantic. In fact, his new series of work the Garden of the Dispossessed proves that he is just as compelling of a photographer as he is a mixed media artist. This work will be on view in Rome October 9th.

8. Justin Hyte: Maybe best known for his color saturated photos of the Heatherette duo, Richie Rich and Trevor Rains. Justin has a keen eye of capturing the personalities of other nightlife celebrities such as: Amanda Lepore, Raquel Reed, and Semi Precious Weapons. His portraiture work is always fun and playful.. really proving that it takes a certain type of talent to really capture the ever changing personality of the subject.

9. Nia Mora: New graduate from SVA its already making waves. Her dark streak renders whismical yet eerie images assisted by a more modern approach to the medium. Her creations are both talented and modern fine art photography that they are even creating quite the stir in the pop-surrealist community. She has shown: and co-founded the female collective, Our Lady.

10. Sally Mann:  She has won numerous awards, including three National Endowment for the Arts fellowships and a Guggenheim fellowship. Her photographs are in the permanent collections of major museums and private collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, The Whitney Museum of American Art and The Corcoran Museum of Art. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it out to her exhibition, "Proud Flesh", at Gagosian Gallery which recently closed. This recent body of work deal with children, landscape, lovers are easily be viewed as common subject matter, but Mann's take on them, rendered through processes both traditional and esoteric, is far from that. From the outset of her career she has consistently challenged the viewer, rendering everyday experiences at once sublime and deeply disquieting.



* Image by Nikola Tamindzic

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