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posted on 11.18.09



I don’t think I would have been so utterly thrown by this film if I had taken the time to really think about the title. The movie never promised to be a flashy romp through fashion history, it is instead a heartbreaking look into the motives that made one woman want to break all barriers and become something utterly new. Though the film’s pace is slow, it is enjoyable to spend time trying to understand the personage of young Gabrielle, Coco. She is an enigma, at one moment utterly vulnerable and the next cold and distant. She is both giggling and ridged, brilliant and helpless, all knowing and at the same time tortured by self-doubt. The best part of the film is watching Coco learn to trust her instinct, her innate sense of style, and her strong sense of knowing exactly what she wants for herself. For me, the flashes through her perspective were the most interesting. We see what Coco sees when she looks at groups of women, and she explains exactly what she thinks of their style choices, and what would make them better. Even at a very tender age, it is clear that Coco has her own ideas about what true beauty really looks like, and how to construct it in her own vision.  

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