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I was briefly talking to a friend of mine last week, and we were reminiscing about the (near) past: shopping at Kensington market in Toronto, dancing at Goth clubs (Savage Garden-o where art thou?), dancing until dawn…we decided, of course, that when the babysitter can be arranged, we’ll head out, dressed to the nines, and dance the night away.

This is a link for tourist info on Kensington Market.

Feel like dancing? Check this out.

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Troy says:
“oh lawd GraceAnne, if that's what Savage Garden is playing (i was totally thinking of the pretty-boy band haha), i'll stay in a babysit ;) ”
Posted over 5 years ago
GraceAnne replies:
“The club, unfortunately, is now gone--I'd go on nights when they played alternative, goth faves, techno, industrial- you know, grown-up stuff :-D”
Posted over 5 years ago
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