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If you go see the Swedish Cirkus Cirkor's "Inside out", expect to leave the theater giddy and with hands sore from consistent clapping. The audience is immediately beckoned inside the life of the bizarre, fantastic circus by the stellar live sound of Irya's Playground and the entrancing personality of our host, a clown dressed all in white. Exploding alternately in gasps, screams and claps, we are awed by absurd acrobatics, juggling, pole climbing, trapeze tricks and dancing in the ring.  Cirkus Cirkor riffs on these "old school" circus tricks, uniquely molding them into a very specific aesthetic.  "Inside out" uses imagery of the human heart in both set design (including a huge sculpture of the heart) and video projections (of blood cells rushing through arteries).  The heart's beat is a thread joining the vignettes, just as the character of the ancient circus performer knits throughout the work with red yarn, and, in the end, ultimately reveals we are all linked together by our mortality.  The show is perfect for adults and children alike, exhibiting the kind of humor that can be approached from different heights (no pun intended).

Cirkus Cirkor was performed in Brooklyn, NY at BAM, November 12-15. 



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