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My previous mention of the Animazing Gallery in NYC was regarding the Maurice Sendack exhibit, which was most definitely exciting for fans of "Where The Wild Things Are." Well, it turns out that Animazing is on a roll with some great shows, this time The Art of Stop-Motion, which currently features storyboards, conceptuals and props from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas." "Corpse Bride" and Henry Selick's "Coraline."

Running concurrently to the MoMA's Tim Burton retrospective opening November 22nd, Animazing's gallery focusses on the conceptual and pre-production work that goes into creating Tim Burton's trademark unique stop-motion animated fantasy worlds.

About 70 works are on display, which range from sketches and storyboards (above) to more involved and hauntingly beautiful renderings. It offers a new appreciation for Tim Burton's characters, so expressive and detailed, dramatically lit and surprisingly refined even in the conceptual phases. Some of the images are iconic representations of the films, and some are works-in-progress which are dramatic in-and-of themselves , but also highlight the choices made along the way to desigining Burton's iconic films.

The Animazing Gallery is located at 54 Greene Street in Manhattan. The Art of Stop-Motion show runs through December 31, 2009.

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“I've always loved Tim Burton ever since I saw Nightmare before Christmas. Then I loved him more on Sweeny Todd. :)”
Posted over 4 years ago
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