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I think I would have come to like George Saunders just by listening to his voice; indeed, it wasn't until I heard him read one of his stories – specifically, "The 400-Pound CEO," the video of the reading of which may be found here – that I fully fell in love with his fiction.  Here, through the terrific Writers at Cornell website, he discusses his approach to non-fiction and essayistic writing and how he relates his fictional work to satire or any satirical canon, among other things; it's a short interview, not particularly in-depth, but it's wonderful.  It's not so much the content that attracts me to this interview – which was conducted by J. Robert Lennon on March 8, 2007 at Cornell – but, rather, it's just his lovely unpretentiousness, the sincerity with which he approaches his work and the curiosity with which he approaches the world.  He offers many lovely similes, many poignant diagnoses of what it feels like to be a writer; but ultimately it is just an entirely satisfying, brief, affable introduction to George Saunders' considerations of his writing.  His voice, counsel, and off-the-cuff insight make for a terrific twenty-two minutes.

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