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Notes on music, by Alex Ross (link)

Books and a dormant blog by the music critic of The New Yorker (link)

I’ll be honest: I worship the ground that Mr. Ross walks on. I can only aspire to be anywhere near as good a writer as he is.

It is so rare to read a critic that not only has great empathy for what he writes, but does so in such an unassuming manner, with intelligence, wit and depth. His critically acclaimed blog The Rest is Noise (now moved to The New Yorker’s website as Unquiet Thoughts), delved not just into the well-worn paths of the traditional repertoire, but gave fair accounts of contemporary Art music as well.  It is difficult to find contemporary writers who are sympathetic to the creation of often difficult, and rarely heard, music. His writing speaks to the truth that all composers wish to relay: the truth that all Art aspires to convey the desires, mind and consciousness of the artist. 




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