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posted on 11.17.09
by Troy

The inhumanity of it all left me chilled, frightened, and at times, in tears.

Actress Milla Jovovich opens The Fourth Kind declaring that “every scene in this movie is supported by archive footage.”  The footage she refers to depicts hypnotherapy sessions that Jovovich, as Dr. Abigail Tyler, conducts to help troubled patients come to terms with mysterious dreams featuring an even more mysterious owl.  At times, the archive footage shown is a little too “pretty” to truly be real, but it is none-the-less suspenseful and disturbing; disturbing enough to make The Fourth Kind (directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi) the first movie to ever have given me nightmares…three nights in a row.

Burglaries, intrusions, and unwanted forms of invasive contact (human or otherwise) have always been one of my biggest fears…it’s one of the reasons I prefer compact city living as opposed to oft-secluded rural life – living in an apartment complex, if I “go”, there’s a good chance all my neighbors will have to go with me.  It’s a selfish thought, but more comforting than going alone.  And yet, somewhere between the childish ignorance of characters like Sheriff August and the take-you-away audacity of the “owl”, I became fed up with this world and the next and suddenly the idea of a New England colonial with a picket fence doesn’t seem so bad at all.

Below the trailer, I've included a clip (more on youtube) of Alex Collier, one of the world’s most notable UFO contactees.  His words may help elaborate on the subjects of alien contact and worlds beyond our own.

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