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Seven o'clock tonight will mark something of a premature starter's pistol for next week's Independent Bookstore Week NYC; it looks as though it will be tremendous, the event, at DUMBO's powerHouse Arena, a delightfully sundry hodge-podge of featured guests that promises to make for a fun and fulfilling evening.  Speakers include Kurt Anderson, Jennifer Egan, Michael Greenberg, Josh Neufield, and Sharon Zukin; the band Jones Street Station, with whom I had been unfamiliar before checking out their MySpace page and who play the kind of earnest country-rock that you might expect from a band called Jones Street Station, will be performing, and apparently they are great fun live.  The Week itself seems just wonderful: it is hosted by the terrific Independent Booksellers of New York City and it seems, upon checking out the list of participating venues – all of which are part of IBNYC –, as though every cherished and adored bookstore in the city will be taking part.  This is really a fantastic way to immerse oneself more in the thrilling variety of bookstores that the city has to offer – the vast majority of which I'd never even heard of: always an exciting sign, with checking them out a prospect I can't turn down; the full list may be found here – while also supporting New York's independent booksellers, which seem to thrive in spirit no matter the economic adversity that is undoubtedly affecting them.  It is also full of fun little informal events that only further decorate the city in the Week's giddy glow, like this Photo Scavenger Hunt.

We will be covering next week's events in greater detail, but we would most want love to hear from those who attend the events or simply wish they could.  There are an extraordinary number of readings, talks, free snacks: a full calendar may be found here, so please post your thoughts and impressions!

Full information on tonight's event may be found here.

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