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If you happen to be in Montreal on November 9th, you can still celebrate the Fall of the Berlin Wall! Swing by the Visual Voice Art Gallery on November 9 and 10 for a delicious installation.

Twenty years ago, on November 9, 1989, the iconic Berlin Wall, the concrete and ideological division between the West and the Eastern Block, came tumbling down. East Berliners streamed across the border like a tidal wave. There was free beer in the pubs, celebration in the street, and people from everywhere in the world came to chip away at the "Berliner Mauer".

To celebrate this historic occasion, Bettina Forget is creating an installation in the Visual Voice Art Gallery for two days - November 9 and 10, 2009. A symbolic Iron Curtain will span across the gallery, made entirely of traditional German pretzels, which she has baked herself. Echoing the celebrations of November 9, 1989, she will give away all pretzels during the two days of the installations. Visitors to the gallery are invited to cut a pretzel from the installation, thereby "cutting the iron curtain" in a symbolic (and delicious) gesture.

Visual Voice Art Gallery
Belgo Building
372, Ste-Catherine Street West
space 421

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