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The Circus is in town, you may have heard. Or seen it on a bus.The Big Apple Circus is one of my favorite institutions for reasons both creative and humanitarian. The mission statement of the Big Apple is “to invigorate the communities we serve with the joy and wonder of classical circus through a unique shared experience we create in our tent and through dedicated outreach programs in healthcare facilities and the community,” and I think they achieve this most admirably. They are completely not for profit, and manage to do great work. With programs like  ‘Clown Care,’ that brings classical circus to hospitalized children at 18 leading pediatric facilities across the United States, the Big Apple Circus truly makes a compassionate effort without compromising their imaginative wishes.



The Big Apple provides numerous other creative services, including circus after school programs, which creates a truly unique way to connect to children and help them grow. Nothing fosters independence, confidence or humor like practicing circus. It is wholly unique athletically and within the overarching title of ‘circus’, there is something for everyone. The Big Apple also embraces ticketing on a sliding scale, so that everyone can have a chance to experience the circus, not just families who can pay for it. The ‘Circus for All’ program, funded by the Deutsche Bank and the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation for the last twenty years, offers free, discounted, and subsidized tickets to schools and not-for-profit organizations serving disadvantaged children. On top of creating programs like this, the Big Apple still manages to be chock full of real circus skill and talent. Absolutely nothing is compromised as a result of this circus existing as a not for profit. The Big Apple is in town, “town” meaning New York City, from October 22nd until January 18th. I recommend going to see it while you can, it is not to be missed.

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