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In reviewing my past week, I have kept note of what I've seen, heard, tasted, and felt and tried to make sense of it. Here's what I came up with:


Highlights from my week:


1) I am currently working on costume design for “SCROOGE!” an original musical theater production based on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” My first project has been the condemned souls. They accompany the ghost of Jacob Marley and are made in his image and all-together fluid and ghoulish. The costumes are all black: long coat with high collar, cape, face mask, top hat, and veil.



(see video at bottom of post below)

2) Adam Lambert of American Idol fame has released his new single, “For Your Entertainment.” He is known for his glam rock image of black eyeliner and matching black nail polish. The premise of the song is that he is calling the shots and will is here for your entertainment. It is a mash-up of masculine and feminine imagery and lyrics. Additionally, he has blue hair on his album release.



(see video at bottom of post below)

3) Britney Spears released her new video for “3” today. It is a collection of sexy montages of her in alternating black and white clothing. The whole song is about promiscuity and her intimate conquests in a threesome.


(blue attire and interiors)

(blue bathroom tiles)

4) Despite dismal reviews and ratings, I continue to watch “Ugly Betty” on ABC. She is the off-beat assistant features editor at “MODE” fashion magazine. The episode, entitled “Blue on Blue” follows her continued struggle to succeed in the workplace under her boss/ex-boyfriend by pitching a story about Evan Grant’s move from Dolce and Gabbana to Gucci. She partially succeeds by helping Grant pick a series of blue tiles for his bathroom remodel. Additionally, the color blue is prominent throughout the show in interiors (MODE office, restaurant wine rack) and fashion (Betty’s jackets, Daniel and Sammy’s dress shirts, Michael’s blazer, etc).



5) I am a self-proclaimed cheese-head. I eat it every day as it is my favorite food. This week I have eaten American, parmesan, cheddar, blue, feta, mozzarella, and cream cheese. It comes in many colors and I find it to compliment almost every food (except cotton candy!)


What it means:

I continue to find references to black and blue in my daily life. Even today I wore a black sweater and blue corduroy pants! Around every corner is the promise of death (black): the ghost of our past, an economic recession, the immorality of a threesome, the goth and glam fashion of rock stars, burnt cheese. And, on the other side is hope (blue)…not as dark as black but not stark white: feeling blue about work, love, and prospects, the perfect  compliment to a cobb salad, the sky on a bright sunny day. When you put black and blue together, it’s not exactly a bruise, but a harmonious and humorous zen-like reflection on life.

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