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Nicolai Howalt is a photobased artist who was born, and is based in, Denmark. His photographic works carry references to the tradition of documentarism, and is typically based in specific environments.

Artforum's Mara Hoberman described Howalt's "2009 photographic series [as] shockingly vivid and startlingly poetic. His images of cars wrecked in severe accidents, many presumably fatal, examine the horror of high-speed collision from a variety of perspectives. Close-ups of dented and scratched sheet metal are initially disorienting—the photographs’ large formats and tight crops make it impossible to identify which part of the car is on display. Jagged scratches, shiny reflections, and crude crumples rhythmically punctuate saturated metallic hues in these unnervingly aestheticized abstractions."

Howalt received Niels Wessel Bagge's Art Prize 2008 and the ParisPhoto BMV Special Jury Award 2006. In New York, he is represented by Martin Asbæk Gallery, Denmark and Silverstein Gallery.









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