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           Lately, my sister has been receiving lots of letters from various colleges trying to persuade her to apply to their school. My sister barely pays attention to them, but ever since starting my design program, I can’t help but notice what wonderful designs and layouts many of them have.  It’s almost as though the beautiful packaging says, “You may not have visited our campus, but look how awesome we are”.  Okay, maybe it’s just me. 

  Speaking of “maybe it’s just me”, on my way home I always love listening to the radio. Lately when the slow jamz start playing, the Dream’s “Sweat It Out” always comes on.  I hope it’s not just me, but whenever I hear this song it makes me giggle. Yes giggle. I think the Dream has a good voice but if you listen to some of the lyrics: “sweat it out/for the birthday cake/sweat it out/look at you look like a milkshake” ( ).      Giggle.

I must admit that lately I have been missing 90s music. Maybe I’m just getting too “old” to appreciate the “younger” generation’s music any more(I hope I’m not the only 80s baby that feels this way).It  all started the other day when  I was listening to satellite radio, and just turned to the 90s station because I wasn’t sure what else I should put on.. TLC’s “Creep” came on and all of a sudden I could remember myself being six years old, hearing the song for the first time and riding with my teenaged cousin, thinking about how cool it would be to have my own car and blast my radio like she was doing. Songs I hadn’t heard in years started playing and brought back a variety of memories from my childhood and adolescence. I deeply miss all the boy bands that rose to fame such as Nsync, BoyzIIMen, and the Backstreet Boys.

 As well as being a lover of good music, I’m also strongly interested in design. I keep seeing advertisements in various magazines for drinks such as Crystal Light. In one ad it is being poured from the side of the page into a pitcher and springs out of the pitcher as if it is a flower (that is liquid). I am very curious as to how someone would execute such a feat in Photoshop, and make the lighting appear so real as if it were natural that liquid flowers could spring out of pitchers. As someone that has tried learning Photoshop, and had a bit of difficulty, I can really appreciate the designer’s work on the image. Here’s a slightly different example from what I have been talking about above.


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