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B-Line B-Boy Drawings and Sculpture
by Carlos Mare139 Rodriguez

58 Coles St. Jersey City, NJ. Friday May 1, 2009 7-11pm
Jersey City, NJ. May 1, 2009- “The B-Boy is the physical Graffiti artist, he is the lyrical and
kinetic scratch, he is the break beat manifest, the most modern of all dancers.”
Fifty8 Gallery presents B-Line B-Boy Drawings and Sculpture the anticipated solo
exhibition of renown sculptor, painter, Carlos Mare139 Rodriguez. Inspired by his
childhood era connection to the B-Boy culture this unique series of works are a study in
capturing the dynamic movement of the ‘break’ dancer in what he calls ‘linear still
frames’. Mare139 provokes us to consider through his simplification of shapes and
gestures what gravity defying kinetics are involved in the dance form.

Fascinated as a youth with close association to well known B-Boy crews, he learned the
art from the insiders perspective and well understood the text and physical nature of
B-Boying by being present at countless ‘jams’ or ‘battles’. Correlating the dance to the
abstracted letter forms of graffiti was shared among his circle of influence, several whom
were also graffiti artists, among them Doze Green.

Internationally exhibited and collected his graffiti sculpture works are among the most
important and innovative of the post NYC subway graffiti movement. His most recent
showing is currently in the Grand Palis in Paris for the exhibition Tag au Graffiti.
Mare139 has also designed the 2005 and 2007 Red Bull Beat Battle Awards, The B-Boy
SPY Award for the Rock Steady Crew as well as the Annual BET Award (Black
Entertainment Television).

58 Gallery is easily accessible from NYC by Path. Enter the PATH train at 33rd, 23rd, 14th,
9th, Christopher St. or from World Trade Center in Manhattan and exit after two stops at
Grove Street in Jersey City. From there it is a short walk up Newark Ave. to Coles St.
where you make a right and find the gallery.

please contact:, 917.349.1693

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