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posted on 04.20.09

Today is my first day as a member of the Arts + Culture community. I am really excited because it is just what I am looking for as I sojourn in search of intellectual nourishment particularly in the artistic field of the visual art + culture.

LaMorena is my avatar name.

I work with designers and artisans as a Creative Business Coach & Mentor, sharing and exchanging knowledge that can support their growth. I also work as an artistic collaborator; I organise networking events and opportunities for showcasing their work to right people in their respective industry. I work across the Creative Industries of fashion design, literature and visual arts.

To do this I run Creative Fruits - my creative business. My soul purpose is to enable talented designers and artisans to successfully understand how to manage the business side of their creativity which then empowers them to have the freedom to create on a much more powerful level. I am not purporting that they become business managers, I rather advocate that they develop and find the right people to support them with this.

I am passionate about what I do. I enjoy the varied roles that I get to play - From Curator to Creative Director. I am responsible for conceptualising my networking salons and event programmes.

Monday is my planning day!

Have a fantastic day to day

LaMorena xx

D - Dare to be different
R - Reach for the sky
E - Expect Success!
A - Always have a Plan B
M - Make It Happen

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