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Whether it brings about a heightened sense of focus, a feeling of loss, or a desire to reflect, fall affects everyone who experiences it. The following 5 songs are a mix of new releases that are either in rotation now or possess a sonic quality that makes them ideal for navigating a city that’s getting colder each day. Here is the first of three sets of five songs:

Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar (7” Edit)

Atlas Sound – Sheila

David Bowie – Moonage Daydream

Golden Panda – Quitters Raga

The Zombies – She Does Everything For Me


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Max says:
“I am wondering where the borders of good taste and aural nuisance are divided by thiis noise driven psychopathic, self indulgent waste of electricty....but, dude.....gimme me a break. You're kinda' in an art environment here and this crap, even under the most liberal interpretation, just doesn't cut it. But, Please enjoy the MJ thing.”
Posted over 5 years ago
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