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posted on 11.16.09
by Arty

It really makes me think sometimes how we have managed to turn a blind eye towards anything that comes even close to the possibility of blindly trusting another thing that i can say is that...somethings can never be once bitten twice shy can be totally understandable when it comes to trusting complete strangers...

                                  you always end up thinking twice when you shake a hand or give in your name to a co passenger in a subway or a the person seated next to you in the park...and even while you are introducing yourself you keep thinking about lying about your name...just so you dont end up talking to some physco stalker or in other words someone with whom you wouldnt like to associate yourself....but all this self preservation act goes against the grain of giving everything a chance ??doesnt  it??.....

                                      i think the more older we grow...the more we barter our naiviety for self kids we were always adviced not to talk to strangers...but that never made us hesitant to give out our name to that friendly old man on the street....but innocence doesnt last long i guess....

            we mistrust everything we see.....for charity.... for a friendly gesture or even help...because somewhere or the other all of us have learnt that  invaluable lesson that not everything that meets the eye is true.....well its still is the same way i think...and nothing i do will make me forget the way i was conned to give a large sum of money to a charity institution only to realise that it was only using the fundings to run a private liqour store....or the time when i helped a stranger in an accident only to open my eyes to the stark truth that it was his business for the what made that slight alteration in my life???i never realised how i started to take my chances again until this day when im jotting this down....was it the friendly guy on the train who was a great conversation starter or was it the devoted fakir...who expected nothing but a complete respect for what he belived in.....i would never know....maybe it was the way that they dint expect nothing that made me talk to them without lying about my identity...but it was nevertheless a good feeling that makes me search for that  genuine personality...which makes me realise that there is a still a tiny ray of  hope for TRUST in another fellow human still maybe innocence but atleast it is better than downright ignorance....think about it...!!!



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