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So I've done it.  I've been wracking my brain to create this list and now I finally have my picks.  To start off I have to say that the art world as a whole intimidates me.  Maybe part of the reason for this is because the idea of  "not good enough" was hammered into to me through the four years of training in art school.  I've learned to take my critisism with a grain of salt but when the world of art became to big for me I would always go back to dog eared pages of inspiration better known as my overcrowded bookmark bar.  Design and even illustration today seems so vast and along with youth comes inexperience but also the tremendous thirst to inhale everything in my sights and while perhaps I may not know everything I should . . . I still cringe thinking about some of my professors berating me for not yet having discovered so-and-so . . . I know what inspires me and am excited to share these pieces of fabulous and mouthwatering designing bloggers with you.  Their corners are overflowing with the kind of art that excites me about what has yet to come.



Green {Goody}


We're all trying to "go green" and the design world has taken on this task with confidence and style.  Cameron Mora, creator of Green {Goody}, knows design and understands the importance of an eco friendly lifestyle.  Merging these two truths she has created an endless package of design you can feel good about loving.

DIY Seed Tape1



3191 miles apart

Two artists, 3191 miles between them, a perfect collaboration.  Stephanie of Portland, Oregon and and MAV or Portland, Maine (Could it get any better?) Met eachother through "a shared love of art and craft" through the internet in 2005.  Two years later they began their year long project and blog: 3191 A Year of Mornings.  From there A Year of Evenings was born and both projects have now been published.  Their clean and beautiful site is like a mini-getaway where design is serene and life is simple.




Oh, hello friend

With a greeting such as that you can't help but smile, and when the images load your heart will flutter.  This site holds everything I covet.  Danni Hong, founder of oh, hello friend has created a place that for me is the definition of simple beauty.  

( lovely goods)

( it's my bag )



yes, please

yes, please

This blog's title mimics the reaction you will have when graced with its contents.  It's inspiring, alive and delicious.  Kelly is a collector of wonderful design and has her hands in everything from plants to dessert.





Thoughtful Day


Thoughtful day began in 2007 as a place for Erica to post inspirations for her upcoming wedding and has turned into a full time business.  In her planning she discovered a love of invitations and stationary.  Her background in product and textile design is clear in her custom creations which are bold and whimsical with hints of a vintage touch.  



Greenwich Letterpress

Greenwich Letterpress

A family run business, Amy and Beth are the owners of Greenwich Letterpress located in NYC.  Their designs are clever, intricate and classic.  Amy began her career in graphic and packaging design while Beth worked as a fine artist.  Print was always a part of their family and now they are carrying on that tradition together.  






Design Glut

Kegan Fisher and Liz Kinnmark, founders of Design Glut dreamed up their business while attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.  The basis of every idea begins with true necessity.

"We believe that we are living in a design glut. There is just too much stuff in the marketplace. This is our starting point. We don’t make things unless we truly believe there is a reason for them to exist."  

Their seamless collaboration is filled with refreshing and original ideas, putting design into the hands of a new generation.






Design Sponge

It's an addictive vortex of design.  In fact, I have to admit that most of my picks were discovered on this site.  Created in 2004 by Grace Bonney, Design*Sponge covers everything from top product picks to inspirational interiors.  What's also great about this site is it's magazine feel with guest contributors, regular features and a great focus on DIY Design.  






Twig & Thistle

Twig and Thistle

This was love at first sight.  Kathleen, the keeper of Twig & Thistle, works as a print and packaging designer.  Her Etsy store is filled with elegant and sweet designs all in PDF formats for partial DIY projects.  

Jessixa Bagley 1 Arrrt by Jessixa


AnnaBond Menu 1 Menu Wheel and Pom Pom Vines

fall Lost in ffffound No.10


Billet Bonkers for Billet




Paper Pony

For the description of this last pick I'm leaving it to Paper Pony's author, Raya.  Her words rest in perfect tandem to images and ideas on her site.  

"I discovered a children’s book called Chang’s Paper Pony about a little boy who wants a pony, but his grandpa says they can only afford a paper one that they tack up on the wall.

When I was young I wanted a pony and other things too, but usually we could just afford the paper version, drawn by me or cut out of a magazine, tacked up on the wall. This blog is like my “paper pony” of today. All the things I wish for, plus some things I’ve made and photographs I’ve taken that will hopefully inspire you."





“Hey! Really nice tutorial! I really love the mysterious and surrealistic effect you created! I've been looking for a tutorial where I could learn a little bit more about artistic works because I'm graphic designer enthusiast and so that's not my main field, but finally I found a very useful tutorial! Keep the good work!”
Posted 8 months ago
“Bloody Good Mate! I love your photo! :)”
Posted over 4 years ago
Posted 8 months ago
Posted over 5 years ago
Posted 8 months ago
“This is absolutely Sumptuous! The feeling, the color, the care. I keep scrolling up and down, again and again in delight.”
Posted over 5 years ago
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