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In front of these two great paintings were other two: the terrible Duel with cudgels , and the enigmatic The Fates . The first of them could easily dispute to the Saturn the title of most terrible of all the "black paintings", but in this one we did not find the almost liberating touch of knowledge that the scene is fantastic or mythological: this duel is real, between two anonymous personages, and it will be only solved by the inevitable death of one of them. This work has been interpreted as an allegory of the Civil War. Contrasting with these two figures tragically anchored to the Earth, the figures of The Fates float in the air, as do those in the Asmodea , located - not by chance- just opposite to this painting.

In one of the smaller walls of the upper room Goya created two paintings of vertical format, smaller in size than the previous ones. Entitled Reading and Women laughing , they are less terrible, although chromatically darker, than their companion paintings.

In 1824, Goya left the "Quinta del Sordo" and started off for Bordeaux , tired of the Spanish society and reality. "Who cannot extinguish the fire of its house separates from it", he wrote shortly before going away. The Villa was sold and passed through diverse hands, putting in danger the integrity of the paintings, but in 1874, the then proprietor of the Quinta, the Baron d' Erlanger, ordered to the curator of the Prado Museum , Salvador Martinez Cubells, to transfer the frescoes to canvases. The paintings were exhibited in the Universal Exhibition of Paris of 1878 and later they were donated to the Prado Museum , where they are conserved nowadays

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