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posted on 10.15.09
by Arty



Another thing to be on the look out for in 2010 is Quebec Art. As I stated in my last post for years Quebec has long and strong history of art. Some of which has gone unnoticed outside Quebec in it’s struggle to retain it’s cultural identity, having done so successfully Quebec is ready to share that identity with the world.  Artist such as Riopelle, Ozias Leduc, and Claude Tousignant paved the way for modern greats such as Sylvain Bouthillette, Yannick Pouliot, and Francine Savard and as these young artists receive more world recognition for their outstanding visual works so too will their forefathers and foremothers. Add to that what is going on in the underground scene with artists like En Masse, and Amy Lockhart tearing up local Gallery spaces there is no way Quebec art will be able to go unnoticed.


Claude Tousignant


Sylvain Bouthillette

 Also heating up the art scene here in Montreal is the expansion of the Museum of Beaux Arts. I don’t know the exact date it is scheduled to open I would assume it is some time in 2010 as it has been under construction for quite sometime. This not only helps solidify Quebec’s presence in the art world with expanded exhibition and collection space. Also generated from such an expansion is a bunch of new excitement and fresh energies allowing for limitless possibilities in this new space. Already two buildings and expanding into a third this increased showing space will allow for all sorts of new exhibits surely bring best of visual art with it. Which is something truly exciting worth keeping an eye on in over the next year.

 Some will say I have missed the boat on this, I am just a stubborn traditionalist when it comes to some things and it takes a while for me to around at times, I have finally come round though. I can now admit Video art is hot and worth keeping an eye on. I am the type of person who believes in the saying “Money talks bullshit walks”. So when corporations such as the Bank of Montreal open up areas of their office during certain hours of the week for viewings of Video installation that speaks to me. It also speaks to me when stills from those videos are being bought for collections. With technology so “affordable” and “accessible” now days it makes for an easy medium for artists to experiment with, technology also develops very rapidly there by leaving endless possibilities for an artist to experiment with. This then makes a very appealing outlet for artists. Video artists I can think of off the top of my head Kent Monkman and Kalip Linzy. As I think about my ideas on what video art is I have to clarify what I mean, I guess I mean technological art because I have seen entire rooms changed completely with the use video screens, projections and wires. An example of this would be Philip Beesley’s “Hylozoic Soil” based on responsive architecture. In this work he creates a living “forest” with fiber optic wires that moves as the viewer walks through it. That is impressive as it stimulates the mind with the possibilities of the age we live in. TED TV is another example of impressive video arts, as we see technology the line between imagination and realty blur. As technology advances in other field it does so in the realm of art as well, opening many exciting possibilities.

Philip Beesley’s “Hylozoic Soil” photo by artsist

l reaction to all this technological art will be a strong reemergence in traditional arts as well. As technology starts to take center stage and our minds are blown by the continual advancements, it will be a natural reaction that people backlash against this movement with more traditional methods. Methods such as drawing, painting and sculpting with deep rooted approaches based in figure studies, portraiture and landscapes will again take more prominence in all the major art institutions. This will happen naturally as humanity looks to assert its importance in the act of creation. This new generation of traditional artists, will question itself by looking to prove it’s skill against technology and also against the masters of the past. There by creating a juxtaposition artists will look to the past to create something new, which in turn leads to the study of how these masters created their works, which then leads to the study of the approach of these masters there by equaling a return to “antiquity”.

So there are four more things to keep an eye out for in 2010. I’m excited already and it’s not even Halloween.


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