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 I decided to do one more list in honor of the 10 for 2010 fiesta here at art&culture.  Today, one of the most influential occupations to hold in the fashion industry is the photographer.  My list of ten is very diverse in their approach and inspiration, but all have in some way been responsible for shaping the look of the past ten years.  They have not only worked to promote designers, but have launched the careers of many models, and the aesthetics of the fashion magazines we read. I hope you enjoy my top ten fashion photographers. I love them all as they have produced many of my most favortie and memorable images of the last decade. 

  1. Juergen Teller

 The German born Teller studied photography as a young man in his home country, but now resides in London.  He is instantly recognizeable for his overexposed and dreamy images; they are often soft in color, yet quirky and charming.  He has worked for a variety of fashion publications, but it is perhaps his decade long collaboration with Marc Jacobs (for the designers seasonal ad campaigns) that have made him an important fashion figure. 

  1. Terry Richardson

 American photographer Terry Richardson calls New York City home, but he grew up in Los Angeles (his father was celebrated fashion photographer Bob Richardson). Terry originally made a name for himself with his autobiographical, highly sexual snapshot style photographs.  Over the past decade, Richardson has become one of the most in demand photographers in the industry with campaigns for American Apparel, Gucci, and Miu Miu to name a few.  He has published several books of his work; my personal favorite Terryworld was released in 2001. 

  1. Mert & Marcus

 The slick, saturated and very sexy aesthetic of duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot has come to represent the look of fashion over the past ten years.  The pair often rely  on digital manipulation to achieve their polished look, and are often very reminiscent of the glamour and sleekness of Hollywood during the 1930s.  It is obvious from looking at their photos that Mert & Marcus love women, and always celebrate their strength and beauty in their work.  Notable campaigns of the duo include Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani. 

  1. Steven Meisel

 American photographer Steven Meisel is a giant in his field, and responsible for many of the most celebrated fashion images of the last ten years.  He has a strong connection with both American and Italian Vogue magazines; Anna Wintour has Meisel shoot the US Vogue cover every month (almost unheard of in the fashion industry). He is also the driving force behind the highly creative and often controversial editorials featured in Italian Vogue.  Meisel has shot a plethora of ad campaigns over the decade, and has Prada’s each season since 2004.  He has launched the career of many a model (Karen Elson and Lisa Cant), and has been a driving force in defining the look of the Naughties. 

  1. Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


 This Dutch dynamic duo both began their careers as artistic photographers, yet today they regularly work on fashion editorials and advertisments. They seem to pick at the fashion system through their images; their critique of the fashion world can often be disturbing, but it highly captivating.  Early in the decade Inez & Vinoodh reliend heavily on digital manipulation to achieve their surreal and juztaposed aesthetic, but today they seem to work in a more natural and subtle way. 

  1. Nick Knight

 British photographer Nick Knight really rose to fame in the late nineties, but his highly original work has continued to captivate the fashion world for the past ten years. His digitally altered imagers are often highly experimental, and almost trancend their purpose of selling high-end garments.  His client list includes many of the more avant-garde designers around like Yohji Yamamoto and Alexander McQueen.  In 2000, Knight launched is, an online fashion broadcasting system that reguarly shows experimental and interactive projects. 

  1. Mario Testino

 The Peruvian fashion photography giant has been working in the industry for decades, yet he continues to produce work that is highly infuencial and au courant.  He is a regular collaborator with almost all the major magazines and fashion houses, and celebrities.  Over the past decade, Testino has famously launched the careers of two major models: Jacquetta Wheeler, and Natalia Vodianova (whom Testino dubbed ‘Supernova’). 

  1. David LaChapelle

 LaChapelle’s campy, sexy and technicolor fashion photography is some of the more humurous and lighthearted work of the last decade.  The American photographer has straddled the worlds of fine arts and fashion, and has published four books of his work (the most recent being Artists & Prostitutes).  He is also well known for his extensive work with celebrity clients like Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, and NYC clubland legend Amanda Lepore 

  1. Ryan McGinely

 Although McGinley is a fine arts photographer primarily, it is undeniable that his dreamy, youthful, and fleeting aesthetic has had a profound impact on the popular culture of the past decade.  He has shot Kate Moss for W magazine, and his work has greatly influenced the look of magazines like Vice.  Even with his fine art work, the look of McGinley’s models have been instrumental in the spread of hipster subculture to mainstream fashion. 

  1. Alexi Lubomirski

 A former assistant (and model) of Mario Testino, Lubomirski is a relatively new figure on the fashion scene.  His very clean, pristine and carefully composed images are very modern and elegant.  It is too soon to really say what Lubomirski’s impact will be, but he is definately one to watch in the coming years.

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“Alexis, a great review but you have it backwards with Stven Meisel: he has done the Italian Vogue and not the American Vogue covers for every issue for the past decade plus. Best, Renato”
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“Fantastic list. Great images. ”
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