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One day comedian Chris Rock's daughter, Lola asked him, "how come don't I have good hair?" The answer she got, a love letter from her father in the funny and political language he knows best, is Rock's new documentary "Good Hair."

Director Jeff Stilson's camera tails Rock as he searches for the reason why his daughter would ask such a question. "Good Hair" takes you on a journey from salons and styling battles, to labs and temples. Cameos range from Ice-T to Maya Angelou, Al Sharpton to Kerry Washington and Nia Long.

Rock's signature sense of humour can blare, but there's also a deeply personal sense of seriousness that runs through the film, as he explores African American hairstyle culture, the impact it has on black culture, and the business of styling itself.

Chris Rock's sense of comedy is not light. In fact, it can be quite weighty, which probably contributes to his longevity and continued pop culture relevance. I'm a big fan of artists who use their best tools to make their point, and it's laudable that Chris Rock approaches such a huge, personally significant question with both the humour his audience enjoys (and expects), as well as the maturity to respond not with a simple answer but with a heartfelt, curious and educating reaction.

"Good Hair" hits theatres on October 9th.

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