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Music Tree of February 5th 2008, Jesse Brodd

I have yet to meet an artist who likes quiet better than loud, silence over music. And while I am sure those people are out there, I am most definitely not one of them.  Without the right music art is a push - music helps shut off the brain so I can do what I want to do without getting in my own way.  While arting, I like my music loud, pumping, with a voice I can sing along to at the top of my lungs.  So for all the others like me, I have complied a playlist of my current favs to paint to. Enjoy:

Evanescence - Lithium

Linkin Park - New Divide

Damien Rice - Rootless Tree

Shinedown - Fly From The Inside

Brand New - Guernica

Frou Frou - Holding Out for a Hero

Smile Empty Soul - Bottom of a Bottle (throwback to the early 2000's anyone?)

Breaking Benjamin - Shallow Bay

One Republic - Apologize (yes, I know it's been overplayed, but it really is a good arting song)

Tool - The Pot

Evanescence - Going Under

Linkin Park - Place For My Head

A Perfect Circle - Judith

Linda Eder - Man of la Mancha (I know, weird.. just trust me)

Breaking Benjamin - Breath

Disturbed - Stricken


That is it.  My current, odd (and yes, a little mainstream) painting playlist.  I know everyone has their own tastes in music  - especially while creating art - so I'd love to know: What's your ideal playlist?

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“I plugged in my speakers for this. Thanks Aliison.”
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