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September is over and with it our topic of the month – anniversaries. The anniversaries usually bring reflections on the times past. In these reflections we remember the moments that defined us, our environment and in the case here at A+C – the moments that changed our artistic discipline. The moment that we reflect on and remember can be different, dependent on us and our interests and experiences. Thus we traveled in time all way back to Henry Purcell, Handel and Haydn, but we also found space for our close contemporaries. We remembered those jazz and classical recordings that influenced musical scene or us as listeners, composers, and performers. We also remembered those defining moments in art when profound change in thinking and understanding of musical expression took place. Of course, what would musical world be without various lively venues in which it is presented to broader audiences – and we have met several of them on A+C pages devoted to this month’s topic.

October is looming large ahead of us and with it a new topic of the month – Archives – which will be introduced soon by our very own and insightful Christopher Willes!.

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