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Being a devout Jason Bateman fan, as well as a Christine Wigg disciple, it hardy surprising that I thoroughly enjoyed the film ‘Extract’.  ‘Extract’ tells the story of Joel, the owner of an extract-manufacturing factory, Bluthely played by Jason Bateman. ‘Extract’ documents life in the factory as well as Joel’s many crumbling and dysfunctional relationships. The hectic (and hickish) inner workings of the Extract plant, which include conveyor belt standoffs and near testicle detaching accidents, mirror Joel’s own removed attitude towards his personal life. He has a wife, the hilarious Kristin Wigg, who won’t touch him once ‘the sweatpants’ are on, and he lives in the heart of the most mind numbing suburbia, complete with brain-dead, loquacious neighbors. When the gorgeous Cindy, the hair flipping Mila Kunis, appears at the Extract factory as a temp, Joel is smitten, as is everyone. Cindy is actually a grifter, who comes to the factory with the ulterior motive of milking it into the ground through manipulation and theft. Writer Mike Judge, the man responsible for the perfection of ‘Office Space,’ once again creates laughable yet heartwarming characters that are thrown into hysterical situations that are eerily easy to relate to. A must see.



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“As a huge Arrested Development fan, it is great to see Jason Bateman back in the spotlight. I have also heard that the Arrested Development movie is going to start filming soon!”
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