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posted on 09.30.09

Make sure to check out the absolutely stunning work of Montreal artist René Derouin at Centre d'exposition Circa, on exhibition until October 10th. Derouin's monumental works on paper have an immense presence. Suspended from the ceiling are his large format mixed media works created out of found paper which the artist embellished with collage, complex calligraphic strokes, cascading lines, jagged lino-cuts, floating black forms, all beautifully balanced in a dynamic equilibrium of shape and line. In many places the paper itself has been cut into an elaborate lace of complex patterns creating a physical lightness which counterpoints the solid blacks of the composition. Some of Derouin's works have been hung in front of the gallery's windows, and the effect of the afternoon light streaming through the paper makes the artwork feel alive. Other works are suspended in a semi circle further into the gallery, and stepping into the presence of these works makes you feel as though you are entering a temple. Even though Derouin's art appears to be totally abstract, there is a human feel to the shapes. Each panel seems to be inhabited by a deity of an undiscovered religion. A sound track of crashing waves permeates the exhibition space, transporting you to the realm of ancient gods.
Derouin turns fragile paper into artwork with an overwhelming presence. No jpeg can do his work justice, so you'll have to go and see it live!

Centre d'exposition Circa
Belgo Building
372, Ste-Catherine Street West, space 444
Montreal, Quebec

René Derouin
Chapelle / Capilla
September 12 - October 10, 2009

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