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PennSound is a mammoth effort by – foremost and among many eminent others – Charles Bernstein and Al Filreis to provide as comprehensive a source for literary, performative, and variously-otherwise-artistic audio works as is possible; already, their success is staggering.  The site can be somewhat overwhelming upon first – or, for that matter, second, or long-continuing – visit, but they offer many accessible and inclusive features, such as the "PennSound Daily archive," to help their audience gain footing on such thrillingly formidable terrain.  Their Podcast #6 offers a terrific and fun introduction to the endeavor.


Al Filreis and Charles Bernstein at PennSound (Photo by Mark Stehle)


Over the coming days I will highlight two – or perhaps more – recordings that are particularly important to me.  I would love it if others also send in their own favorites, either in the "Add Your Views" section below or as their own posts.

A little over a month ago I highlighted a PennSound recording of Lydia Davis reading from her novel, End of the Story.  To my mind – although I must admit to being almost myopic in my adoration of Davis' work –, this is one of the finest author's readings that PennSound has yet offered; in the interest of neither repeating links in coming Curator's Corners from former ones nor overlooking one of my favorite PennSound pieces, here, again, is the link.

You can also become a follower of PennSound on Art+Culture by clicking here.

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