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24 July 2014 12 - 9pm

Performances from 6pm

The whole process of writing is actually a form of ventriloquism, a sort of séance with the city whereby you walk through these threads that seem to trigger some sort of story because you’ve recognised the characteristics of a place.

Iain Sinclair in conversation with Maria Papadomanolaki for Sensing Cities, 2013


For Forms of Ventriloquism, artist Maria Papadomanolaki will be installing a series of drawings, writings, audio and visual recordings created by herself and the participants of the exploratory workshops she ran in locations around east and central London in 2013. In addition to these creative responses on display at the gallery, a small group of artists is invited to respond, listen, create, perform, write or redraw these stories in search of the places behind them.

For Forms of Ventriloquism artists Sarah Kelly, Kostis Kilymis, Marina Tsartsara and Kevin Logan will contribute newly commissioned works alongside performances by Iris Garrelfs, Yiorgis Sakellariou with Artur Vidal, Marina Tsartsara, Maria Papadomanolaki with Scanner.

Maria Papadomanolaki is a Greek artist that works within the fields of sound design for dance and film, networked performances, exploratory workshops, installation and transmission art. She has presented her projects and research at galleries, conferences and festivals in Europe, UK and the US. She is the co-editor of the book Transmission Arts: Artists&Airwaves (2011, PAJ Publications) and the producer of Sensing Cities, an ongoing series of interviews broadcast on Resonance FM. Papadomanolaki is currently pursuing PhD research on urban literature and listening at CRiSAP, UAL, London.


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Forms Of Ventriloquism
Sarah Kelly
Kostis Kilymis
Marina Tsartsara
Kevin Logan
Iris Garrelfs
Maria Papadomanolaki
Yiorgis Sakellariou
Artur Vidal
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