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posted on 09.17.09

At long last we've begun shooting the New York version of 69 Love Stories. As I've written here in earlier posts, having read Raymond Queneau's, 'Exercises in Style' and enjoying instructions I wanted to see if I could take a similar approach to telling the 'same' story, in this case, 69 different ways. As simple as this may sound it continues to allude me or perhaps I am finding my own way of doing it. Where does the telling of story happen, and what's the repetition. Isn't repetition a kind of elaboration, a difference. Well, yes. The same but different. it's complicated. When does the elaboration of difference exceed repetition.

69 Love stories is a kind intersection of varying repetitions exploring different characters performing story differently, creating stories within stories, an interconnection of repetitions, that at times turn background to foreground, changing narrational voice, turning place into story, turning variations on repetitions, and the ensemble of it repeating in different styles with multiple points of beginnings or openings. So it is sort of all those things.

Same stills then from the 14 Actors, 41 scenes, and varying locations. 

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