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posted on 09.15.09


Below is an article featured on Art Throb.  A guide to North Shore Boston art.


“Street Series” Captures Candid Side of Boston

By Tyler Colby

kal_1Art Throb featured Matt Kalinowski asPhotographer of the Week in July. His latest exhibit now shown in Watertown called “Street Series” is so unique that we simply had to know more about this talented local artist. I contacted Matt and asked him about his latest project.

“The series started with a few tests I was doing in Chinatown. I set up a simple white background on a c-stand and people stopped by to have their photo taken.” Kalinowski said “I put a few examples on my website and was contacted by a Philadelphia public relations firm who was working to revitalize Boston’s Downtown Crossing.” Over a period of three days last summer, Kalinowski took over 700 portraits at the same spot, between Washington and Summer streets.

I asked him about working with such a large number of models and whether or not they were given any direction. “In order to shoot as many people as possible, each person was on set for no more than two minutes. I did not want the models to simply grin-and-move-on. I wanted to project something more intimate and real, as if they were standing on the corner or interacting with a friend.”

The giant collaged piece, part of Downtown Crossing’s “Meet” campaign is still in public view on the old Filenes building.  Kalinowski felt it would make a great series for the campaign. “(Street Series) is unaltered, showcasing the diverse population that travels through here every day,” he said.

The series is just another example of what he loves about photography, says Kalinowski. “It is the intimate way you can translate a person, landscape or object into a preconceived idea or story you are trying to convey and as with any art form, the process is what makes it special.”

Matt Kalinowski lives in Beverly with his wife and new baby daughter. He can be found online at “Street Series” is currently on display at Sasaki Associates in Watertown, Mass.


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