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This month in the music we started to celebrate the lives and moments that impacted musical history, changed the musical scene and had profound effects on us – music lovers and professional musicians alike.

As Leah Pogwizd notes in her anniversaries blog: “The final year of a decade is always an interesting one”. And indeed it is. She celebrates the anniversaries of three jazz albums: Dave Brubeck’s Time Out, Miles Davis’ In a Silent Way and Pat Metheny Trio, 99 – 00.

Christopher Willes has taken us through two Canadian musical venues celebrating their anniversaries: Studio 303 (20th anniversary) in Montreal and Somewhere There (2nd anniversary) located in Toronto. Even though Somewhere There (a venue for informal creative music) has been around for what appears to be a short period of time, they have already managed to put 500 performances – a worthy achievement indeed!

Adam Scott Neal celebrates the life and legacy of Mark Sandman, Morphine’s lead singer, bassist, and songwriter. Mark Sandman passed away ten years ago. His work and legacy has been honored in Cambridge, Mass. (his home city) with Mark Sandman Square as well as the Mark Sandman Music Project, a non-profit supporting music in local schools.

Classical music has rich history and 2009 has many anniversaries in classical music. Christopher Willes introduces us to the 350th anniversary of Henry Purcell’s life. As Chris notes beautifully: “It's interesting to me that the freshest sounds can often be found in the music of the distant past.”  Some other sounds of distant past can be heard in the music of Geroge Frideric Handel, who died 250 years ago: Messiah and the Music for the Royal Fireworks.


We can only wait and see what other discoveries will this month's topic bring….

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