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posted on 01.22.08

Lists are sort of very funny. They stay with you long after the list is done because in fact the list is never done. Lists always have a perfect size, just the right things in them, and then, well, maybe this should be added, and then, and then. This is on every list, I can't put it on my list. With this on the list, this has to be on it to. Well let's just include this too. That's it print or save.

It's as if once you have the list you are now free to think of things not on the list. And so you do. And on it goes. Anyway, you can see my list of films and books for now. I love everything on this list. I could go on about each one of these things. Where I saw them, where I read them. That's why they are on the list. In some sense my life has been the pursuit of this list. Really. The things in this list live inside me.

But this list isn't a definitive list, it doesn't mean there are things not on the list that I also love. But it does point to things that I have loved a great deal.

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