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TIFF has been having its share of controversy this year, as its spotlight on Tel Aviv has been drawing fire from those who fear that, intentionally or not, it endorses Israeli politics. Some filmmakers have pulled their films in protest, and many celebrities have signed the official statement of objection, the Toronto Declaration.  You can follow the polemic at, and TIFF's response at

However, TIFF is still about parties, stars, red carpets, and oh yeah, movies.  At any of film blogs covering TIFF, you'll find bleary-eyed, hung-over bloggers writing as much about the food, celebrity sightings, and swag bags as about the films.  Get a gleaning at

Starting today, we're bringing a week's worth of film reviews straight from the Toronto International Film Festival! The fest, which runs from September 10th-19th, is well under way, and A+C member Alan Bacchus and his crew at Daily Film Dose are hitting a slew of screenings to give us some of their reviews.  You can find more at


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