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19 July 10-12:30pm 

Furtherfield Commons Finsbury Gate - Finsbury Park London N4 2PF

Join Codasign in this family workshop aimed at 7-12 year olds in which we will be making railway exploration vehicles inspired by SEFT-1 Abandoned Railways Exploration Probe – Modern Ruins 1:220 commissioned by The Arts Catalyst and presented in partnership with Furtherfield.

We will be working with basic electronics, using 3v motors and gears to create a simple vehicle which runs on a copper tape circuit track. During the second part of the workshop we will create the shell of our vehicle out of cardboard and paint which the electronics will fit inside.

For more about the exhibition SEFT-1 Abandoned Railways Exploration Probe – Modern Ruins 1:220 see

Limited capacity, £30 one child £50 two children, plus one accompanying parent, online booking here

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