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In thinking about the Anniversaries theme for the music section this month I thought of Somewhere There Toronto's venue for informal creative music which, as I read on the somewhere there blog, is having it's second anniversary soon:

"On Tuesday, 22 September, 8pm, Somewhere There will be hosting a party to celebrate its second anniversary and its 500th performance. Come one come all. Cake and dancing. The eight-dollar cover will win you the surf-styled Rembetika music of Alaniaris: Michael Kaler (bass), Mark Zurawinski (drums), and Ken Aldcroft (guitar)."


If you are in the Toronto area check out Somewhere There six nights a week for creative music from local and international musicians and composers alike. I added Somewhere There to the venue list on A&C and they have joined as a member as well so you can follow them that way or though

I'll be posting more soon about Somewhere There and what's happening so check back at my blog page if you like. 



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