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Hello! I believe I am the last of your Visual Arts Curators to properly introduce myself to the a+c visual arts community. I am an aspiring contemporary art curator and current graduate student in the Art History and Arts Administration dual MA program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently my research interests include analyzing the effects of neoliberal economic policies on third world art markets and how artists working in new media can subvert hegemonic economic structures, and looking at the ways in which text and image interface in contemporary art practices. I am also a co-founder of processPROJECTS (launching Sept. 8 2009) and for this project, I'm most interested in the different networks that are engaged throughout artistic and cultural production. When not debating contemporary art theory over red wine, I like to tear it up in the kitchen. I make a mean pizza. 

“Thanks for the intro, Danica. I have enjoyed your past contributions and I look forward to your future posts!”
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