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1.  When You Buy, Buy Basics

Basics are great, and when they are layered can look like a completely different outfit.  A girl really needs only a few key pieces and then, by mixing and matching can make it seem like her closet is endless.  The great thing about basics is they are like a chameleon, when you dress them up with accessories, it completely changes the look.  But the number one amazing thing about basics is that they are seasonless!  And since buying trendy pieces that will go out of style in one season is just not an option anymore, this is really important.

2. Quality over Quantity

Since you are buying basics that are going to last years and be worn year round it is really important that you buy high quality so it will last.  The better the quality the better your outfit is going to look, just view the expense as an investment!

3.  Evaluate and Organize Your Closet

Evaluate what you already have.  If you go through your closet and find that you have a lot of clothes but they are all trendy pieces of o.k. quality and you don't have money to spend on quality basics, then I say sell it!  Purge everything that is out of style, e-bay is a great way of doing this.  Or you could take your clothes into a place like buffalo exchange and sell them to a second hand store.  With your newfound influx of cash you can go out and buy a few quality basics.  Then organize your closet according to type of clothing and color, this way it is easier to think of combinations and layering options.

4. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

If I can stress anything, it is to buy tons of accessories!  They completely change an outfit and are a lot cheaper than buying new outfits.  And since they are so cheap, you can afford to get your trend fix!   This way you won't be wasting as much as you would on clothes but you still get to feel stylish.

5.  Change that Hem!

Tailors are amazing and can change the entire look of an outfit by simply shortening a hemline and taking in a garment.  It is less expensive than buying but will feel new enough to stem your shopping cravings!

6.  The Hollywood Factor

When I really want to mix it up I dress in theme.  I imagine my wardrobe like a movie costume - I incorporate hair, makeup, accessories and clothes into my theme in order to form a personality for the day.  It is amazing what hair and make up will do, by utilizing them you can change the entire feel of an outfit.

List of Essential Basics

1.  Black Pencil Skirt - Something that every girl needs, and every girl looks good in!  By changing your top and combing it with a cardigan or jacket you can wear it literally every day to the office and no one will notice it is the same piece.

Club Monaco, Natasha Skirt

2. Black Blazer - A must for any office environment, even if you pair it with jeans.  It really dresses up a casual outfit and if it is high quality and tailored it will really show off your curves!

3.  Straight Leg Jeans - Not too skinny, not too flared.  This way it always stays in style.   Besides, skinny jeans are not very flattering on the body and flared jeans always look a little young, but straight leg or boot cut will look good in any decade and at any age. I would pick a really dark wash that way you can dress it up for night time.

4. Cardigan - Perfect for a more casual professional look.  Wear you pencil skirt with a cute cardy and a t-shirt and you are set!  Or pair it with jeans for a cute weekend look.

J Crew, Merino Cardy, $88.00

5.  3 Solid Color Tee's in high quality cotton - A great fitted (not too tight) Tee is perfect for work and for play.  Pair it with the pencil skirt, a cute necklace and a cardy for work .  Or with flip flops and jeans for the weekend!  And remember no graphics on them, graphic tees will date you, and will surely go out of style, not to mention they are not professional.  With a blank one you have more options and that is what it is all about!

Alternative Apparel, The Karen, V-neck, $24.00

6.  Black Shift Dress - It is a must have for girls!  The little black dress literally never goes out of style and is flattering on every body type.  Remember not to get one with too much going on, you want it to last for years and not be too trendy.  So instead, look for a really well tailored one that fits and compliments your body.  The great thing about black is it matches everything, so if you like color, buy fun accessories like a gold skinny belt or a funky necklace to make it more playful!

7.  Tweed jacket -  This one is a little controversial and maybe wouldn't make a lot of peoples' lists, but I truly believe it is the perfect warm tone fall and winter garment.  It will never go out of style and will add a warm tone to a closet filled with black.  I have found that a plum colored tee will go great with a tweed jacket and jeans!

8.  Black Trousers - Also a great must have for work.  Just one more option for those who don't like skirts.

9. Black Turtleneck - This is a classic, very slimming and easy to throw on in the winter to feel stylish and comfortable.

Tissue Turtle Neck from J.Crew, $39.50

10. White Button Down - Make it a nice quality cotton  This way you can tuck it into the pencil skitrt or wear with a pair of opaque black tights to make a funky downtown outfit (make sure the shirt is long enough to do this).



1. Black pumps - Make these nice ones girls, your feet are your friends and need to be pampered!  Since you will be wearing these almost everyday pay for something great.  Also, make sure they have no embellishment, just plain black pumps.

2.  Brown or Nude pumps - In order to pair with those warm tone outfits!  Nude pumps will also elongate the leg and make you look slimmer.

3. Great pair of Flats - In any color, I like to get really funky flats that maybe don't match but make an outfit


Great Accesories to Make an Outfit

1. Long Funky Necklaces - Color and size variations will change up any outfit!

2. Tights - I love my solid opaque black and charcoal grey ones the best, but if you can afford it get them in tons of colors and really experiment with how they change an outfit!

3. Hats - Some people can't do them, but for those of you who can, they will always make an outfit.


Fashion isn't about trends its about feeling great, feeling sexy, and feeling like a lady; so when you get dressed I find it is always nice to spray on a light perfume so that you walk around feeling sexy and confident all day!  And remember that you can always make a new outfit by combining what you already have!

JAX says:
“Although I'm not sold on your allegiance to basics in black and white, I think that your denim guidelines are spot on! Variance in body type leaves the vast majority on the worst dressed list. A mid-rise straight leg in most any wash will compliment any figure: male/female, young/old, forward/traditional. Bee Tee Dub: you approach of individuality is not only empowering and effective, but also true. Good design is all about capturing the essence and showing it in the most fabulous way!”
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